Each HNA family is asked to donate at least $250 in cash, auction items, catalog ads, or an event sponsorship for the annual CHEER! Auction.

Why? Proceeds from the CHEER! Auction are crucial to advancing the mission of HNA and keeping the facilities and academic programs current. Over the years, the auction has raised scholarship endowment for students in need, supported new curricula, funded new technologies, and raised resources to renovate and enhance facilities.

What if I can’t afford to donate $250? We understand that not all families have $250 in reserve to donate to the auction. If you are not able to donate, you can procure by asking your favorite businesses to donate an item or experience to the auction.

What? Ask someone for something? It’s easier than you think! Talk to the owner or manager at businesses that you support regularly – grocery stores, hairdressers, clothing stores, favorite neighborhood jaunts, etc. Businesses are more likely to support their patrons. When you are there, ask if they’ll make a tax-deductible donation to a great school, then bring them a CHEER! procurement form (available online and in the Auction Office at HNA/2 nd floor).

Okay, but what do businesses get out of it? Besides supporting the mission of a great school with over 135 years of history, they will be helping to promote their business. A ll supporting businesses are highlighted in the auction catalog, auction website, auction signage, and in the school’s monthly parent newsletter as a supporter of the young women the school serves. The entire HNA community—parents, alumnae, friends of the school—will be encouraged to support their business. Just remember, no one can say “yes” until you ask!

What do I say? Try something like: “My daughter is a at Holy Names Academy and they’re gearing-up for their annual fundraising auction. Would you consider donating to CHEER! 2020? Every year, the Academy partners with local businesses who donate items to our annual CHEER! Auction that supports the school. Holy Names Academy has been recognized as one of the finest schools in the Pacific Northwest, with a reputation for academic excellence, athletic success, and a commitment to serve young women from all socio-economic backgrounds.”

Get creative! Maybe you have a friend or family member – or you yourself – who is an artist or has another useful talent or service. Some of the items sold last year were graphic-design services, knitted and sewn items, housecleaning services, foreign-language tutoring, music lessons, a tour of the King County Courthouse and neighboring crime scenes, personal training sessions, etc.

Need support or want to talk over an idea? Call us – we love to talk about auction items!

Marnie Foust – Auction Coordinator – 206.720.7808 | Laura Irvine – Auction Assistant – 206.720.7809